Your Pup and the Hot Tub…Is it Ok?

hot-tubs-and-your-dogWe had a reader email us and ask, “Is it ok to Let my dog chill with me in my hot tub?  I reside in Colorado and just recently purchased a new Hot Tub.  I really want to know about the safety of my dog soaking and swimming with me in my spa.

We decided to reach out to the experts. We contacted Rick, a Colorado native, and owner of Patio Splash Hot Tub & Spas to ask him his opinion. Rick has been in the industry for many years, and to our advantage happens to be a dog owner.

Rick offers the following knowledge and advice to pet owners.

Although it may seem that your dog can do all that you do, sometimes they just can not or should not. A hot tub may be one of those things that you should think about and take a few things into consideration before allowing the fun begin. Let’s talk about why.  There are 3 things to take into consideration. The safety of your pet, you, and your hot tub or spa.

Here are a few factors that may affect the safety of both you and your pet….and your hot tub.

Heat. (be cautious for your dog) A hot tub can be just that…hot. The average temperature a hot tub is kept at is 102 degrees. A dog’s body temperature is higher than a human’s and they can easily heat up and quickly overheat.  Be mindful of your animals current condition and the temperature of you spa. Do not let your dog overheat.

Chemicals. (be cautious for your dog) Chemicals are used in both pools and spas to keep them clean and sanitary. These sanitizing chemicals can prove to harsh for your dogs eyes, skin, and ingestion. They may easily want to lap the water up and especially if they begin to over heat or dehydrate.

Cleanliness. (be cautious for you and your Hot Tub). Dogs are not always the cleanest, unless you bath regularly.  They can create additional dirt, residue and hair in your hot tub. This may agitate your skin, as well as your hot tubs cleanliness. Be careful of hair build up that can potentially and easily clog drains.

Surface. (be cautious your hot tub) the surface of your hot tub can easily become scratched by your pet. If they are nervous and trying to get out (maybe you want them in the tub a little more than they want to be there) they will quickly began to attempt their escape. This may severely damage the interior of your spa with unwanted scratch marks. A hot tub is not the cheapest home luxury, so you probably do not want it scratched up by your pet.

And then there’s you. (this is for you the human). A Hot tub is a place to unwind, smooth sore muscles and relax. Although often our dogs are our best friends, there is a time and place for them. Taking time for your own personal space and not having to be mindful things that could be harmed may be exactly what you, as a human need. Make sure to take time for you!

What do we suggest if you really want your furry to enjoy some relaxation right along with you?? A personal hot tub for your pooch.  A small pool with slightly warm water, right next to your adult hot tub. Throw a couple of balls in your dogs water and you both can soak and enjoy…without the headache of ruining your spa or compromising you or your animal.

Thanks for reading with us at Moordair! It’s a dog loving place for good info!