In the Garbage?

Dogs in the garbage? Ya right that doesn’t really happen…..right?!?

It happens more than some may think. If you have a four legged fur ball friend, you’ve probably experienced this on at least one occasion…. amiright?

We had a petrified reader reach out with her scary experience. Her two dogs devoured the garbage. Not only was there a huge mess, but some lethargic pups along with it. Let’s hear from Jamie.

Oh my gosh, I was totally freaking out. My boyfriend and I left for a few hours. Thinking he was doing good, he got the garbage ready to take out…but left it downstairs tied up when we left. We cam home to a torn up bag and chaos spewed across the kitchen floor. What was also on the floor was the plastic container that the remains of a whole chicken was left in… but no longer existed.

So we compost the majority of our left over food and food waste. We do not compost our chicken bones, with the primary reason is that our compost sits in our backyard and our curious dogs sometimes find their way into it. We all know no chicken bones for dogs…bad, bad, bad. So we threw the old chicken bones away.  Well good that did us! They ate every last scrap of bone!

They both were a little nervous cause I was mad, but they seemed additionally quiet. We have a small Bijoun/terrier, and a large Pitbull/bulldog mix. Grace, our bigger dog, was a little better than the little one.

I went into panic mode, especially after googling dog ate chicken bones. I began to think her breathing sounded different. My boyfriend called the emergency vet (it was like 9pm at night). They said watch for diarrhea, or constipation, and vomiting.

That we did, we slept horribly, “checking on her” throughout the nite, and smelling what the chicken bones (that were old)  did to their systems. Yes, our dogs had horrible, horrible gas. I apologize as it’s somewhat gross, but we were seriously surprised at the stink.

Morning comes and they seemed a lot better…thank goodness!  I came across, and read the last hot tub post. I was praying that the would be the least of my worries!

My advice to everyone is to

-remember that tied up trash bag before you leave your house if you have dogs

-don’t panic. Watch for lethargy, vomiting, and diarrhea. Call an emergency vet with concerns or questions.

-be prepared to keep all windows open!

My boyfriend assured me they would be fine that dogs are tougher than we think. Maybe they are, but I’m not when it comes to my dogs, they are my babies!!