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Try & Rescue

We understand that certain people love specific breeds of dogs, for example me, I love dachshunds. However what I have found over the years is that there is so much to love about every single breed of dog. It’s easy to get caught in the specific traits of one dog breed and thing you can’t live with out it, such as the weiner shape of my little dachshunds. But what I have found over the years is that it is equally easy to love specific traits of just about any other dog. The only parameters I can see someone put on what type of dog to choose would be size, since certain living spaces such as apartments wont allow big dogs. However I have seen strict small dog lovers become big dog lovers once they were exposed to the lovability of a big┬ádog, and vice versa. In my opinion you shouldn’t put any sort of labels on what types of dogs you like, because chances are you can fall in love with just about any dog.

I bring this up because I think it is important for people to consider rescuing or adopting their next dog. There are thousands, if not millions of dogs throughout the United States that do not have homes and are either struggling on the street, or in the pound waiting to be euthanized. Most of these dogs have never been given a chance and are waiting to be part of a loving family. The gratitude and love felt by these dogs is incredible, and the bond they form with you is unbreakable. And you would be surprised by the quantity and variety of breeds that are in shelters and pounds just waiting to be taken home.

There are tons of great resources online to help you find your next rescue. In addition to local adoption agencies that preview pets once a week at your local pet store, there are also websites like

& more to find your next rescue.

People have gotten carried away with breeding and profitability it offers, andmany times negligence leaves those puppies that did not sell to be abandoned and picked up by animal shelters. Stop by your local shelter today and meet all your potential best friends. Many of the dogs are timid or anxious because of the circumstances, but with training any dog can become obedient and well behaved. Perhaps you may fall in love with a breed of dog that you have been overlooking all your life, and better yet, maybe you’ll change the life of one lucky dog.