Best Family Breeds

Do you want to find the right dog for your family? A dog is a friend and soon becomes the family friend. Your dog joins you for all the family holidays (including all the dinner table disagreements), family vacations and more. It’s important to pick out the right furry four legged canine. So what breeds are best for families? Of course we also think adopting a pet from a shelter is the best way to go. However, shelters and animal welfare leagues cannot guarantee the breed you seek.

If it’s time to find the families next best friend, we have put together a list of five breeds that are great for moms, dads, kids, and family fun. Please remember every dog is unique and these are recommended breeds. Always do your research and make sure if you have other animals, your new dog will be compatible.

Five breeds that families will love

  • Golden Retrievers– Bet you guessed these golden beauties. Retrievers are loyal, dedicated and friendly. They are great with kids, love to play, love the water and wear Santa Hats well.
  • Collies– Does Lassie come to mind? For most of us Lassie is the iconic Collie. Collies are beautiful and graceful. They offer a devoted friendship to the whole family. They love activity, but can also loved to good long rub on the couch.
  • French Bull Dogs– These little guys are not only cute, but can cuddle on your lap as well. They have a moderate amount of energy, but being they are smaller they are more manageable. They are playful and quickly adapt to the whole family.
  • Beagles– Small and energetic, beagles have enough energy to keep up with the kids.  Although at times they can be a little stubborn, they quickly bond and become the families best friend.
  • Irish Wolfhounds- Wolfhounds are larger breeds and need a bit more exercise. If your family loves to be outdoors, these dogs make great companions. Don’t worry, they love being lazy too. So a day at the park and a nigh ton the couch watching movies, make these breeds great. Being easy to train, a great exercise pal, as we as a loyal couch potato, make Irish Wolfhounds are great family dog.

As with any dog, each animal has their own personality. It is important to understand this. Although these breeds are recommended, each dog is different. Love, training, attention, environment, and exercise all always important in rearing any dog.

Thanks for reading!