A Dog is a Friend

Often times people ask me why it is that I love dogs so much. To be honest, this is a silly question in my opinion, because there is so many things to love about dogs and it’s weird to me if you do not see that. That’s at least how I feel. However many people are not dog people, and I respect that. But it seems impossible to resist the lovability that dogs are constantly throwing at you. It’s literally like having a little kid want to play with you and just brushing them off. For me I cannot just brush that off, and in fact I constantly adore the love and attention of dogs (and kids, but we’re talking about dogs here). They have this genuine desire to love and be loved, without all the contingencies and emotions of a human relationship. Humans are complicated and sometimes just being friends with another human is overly complex. So many ways to interpret the way someone said something, or how they meant it, and an overload of un talked about feelings and emotions. Where as with a dog it’s like everyones only got short term memory. If the dog disobeys you and makes you angry you don’t hold a grudge against your dog, you deal with your frustration in the moment and then get over it, and vice versa. If your dog is upset you disciplined them or yelled at them, they are still ready to play and cuddle immediately after you forgive them. Of course there can be some long term frustration with a pet if they constantly disobey you, but most often times all these frustrations subside.

I like to say that dogs are the embodiment of unconditional love. They can turn the worst of days around, and will love you even when everyone else doesn’t. They are loyal, and just yearn for your attention and love.

I say, if you are looking for a friend, then rescue a dog, that’s at least what I do.

PS. I do have real bipedal friends too…they’re just not as fun lol.