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Best Family Breeds

Do you want to find the right dog for your family? A dog is a friend and soon becomes the family friend. Your dog joins you for all the family holidays (including all the dinner table disagreements), family vacations and more. It’s important to pick out the right furry four legged canine. So what breeds are best for families? Of course we also think adopting a pet from a shelter is the best way to go. However, shelters and animal welfare leagues cannot guarantee the breed you seek.

If it’s time to find the families next best friend, we have put together a list of five breeds that are great for moms, dads, kids, and family fun. Please remember every dog is unique and these are recommended breeds. Always do your research and make sure if you have other animals, your new dog will be compatible.

Five breeds that families will love

  • Golden Retrievers– Bet you guessed these golden beauties. Retrievers are loyal, dedicated and friendly. They are great with kids, love to play, love the water and wear Santa Hats well.
  • Collies– Does Lassie come to mind? For most of us Lassie is the iconic Collie. Collies are beautiful and graceful. They offer a devoted friendship to the whole family. They love activity, but can also loved to good long rub on the couch.
  • French Bull Dogs– These little guys are not only cute, but can cuddle on your lap as well. They have a moderate amount of energy, but being they are smaller they are more manageable. They are playful and quickly adapt to the whole family.
  • Beagles– Small and energetic, beagles have enough energy to keep up with the kids.  Although at times they can be a little stubborn, they quickly bond and become the families best friend.
  • Irish Wolfhounds- Wolfhounds are larger breeds and need a bit more exercise. If your family loves to be outdoors, these dogs make great companions. Don’t worry, they love being lazy too. So a day at the park and a nigh ton the couch watching movies, make these breeds great. Being easy to train, a great exercise pal, as we as a loyal couch potato, make Irish Wolfhounds are great family dog.

As with any dog, each animal has their own personality. It is important to understand this. Although these breeds are recommended, each dog is different. Love, training, attention, environment, and exercise all always important in rearing any dog.

Thanks for reading!

A Dog is a Friend

Often times people ask me why it is that I love dogs so much. To be honest, this is a silly question in my opinion, because there is so many things to love about dogs and it’s weird to me if you do not see that. That’s at least how I feel. However many people are not dog people, and I respect that. But it seems impossible to resist the lovability that dogs are constantly throwing at you. It’s literally like having a little kid want to play with you and just brushing them off. For me I cannot just brush that off, and in fact I constantly adore the love and attention of dogs (and kids, but we’re talking about dogs here). They have this genuine desire to love and be loved, without all the contingencies and emotions of a human relationship. Humans are complicated and sometimes just being friends with another human is overly complex. So many ways to interpret the way someone said something, or how they meant it, and an overload of un talked about feelings and emotions. Where as with a dog it’s like everyones only got short term memory. If the dog disobeys you and makes you angry you don’t hold a grudge against your dog, you deal with your frustration in the moment and then get over it, and vice versa. If your dog is upset you disciplined them or yelled at them, they are still ready to play and cuddle immediately after you forgive them. Of course there can be some long term frustration with a pet if they constantly disobey you, but most often times all these frustrations subside.

I like to say that dogs are the embodiment of unconditional love. They can turn the worst of days around, and will love you even when everyone else doesn’t. They are loyal, and just yearn for your attention and love.

I say, if you are looking for a friend, then rescue a dog, that’s at least what I do.

PS. I do have real bipedal friends too…they’re just not as fun lol.

Try & Rescue

We understand that certain people love specific breeds of dogs, for example me, I love dachshunds. However what I have found over the years is that there is so much to love about every single breed of dog. It’s easy to get caught in the specific traits of one dog breed and thing you can’t live with out it, such as the weiner shape of my little dachshunds. But what I have found over the years is that it is equally easy to love specific traits of just about any other dog. The only parameters I can see someone put on what type of dog to choose would be size, since certain living spaces such as apartments wont allow big dogs. However I have seen strict small dog lovers become big dog lovers once they were exposed to the lovability of a big dog, and vice versa. In my opinion you shouldn’t put any sort of labels on what types of dogs you like, because chances are you can fall in love with just about any dog.

I bring this up because I think it is important for people to consider rescuing or adopting their next dog. There are thousands, if not millions of dogs throughout the United States that do not have homes and are either struggling on the street, or in the pound waiting to be euthanized. Most of these dogs have never been given a chance and are waiting to be part of a loving family. The gratitude and love felt by these dogs is incredible, and the bond they form with you is unbreakable. And you would be surprised by the quantity and variety of breeds that are in shelters and pounds just waiting to be taken home.

There are tons of great resources online to help you find your next rescue. In addition to local adoption agencies that preview pets once a week at your local pet store, there are also websites like

& more to find your next rescue.

People have gotten carried away with breeding and profitability it offers, andmany times negligence leaves those puppies that did not sell to be abandoned and picked up by animal shelters. Stop by your local shelter today and meet all your potential best friends. Many of the dogs are timid or anxious because of the circumstances, but with training any dog can become obedient and well behaved. Perhaps you may fall in love with a breed of dog that you have been overlooking all your life, and better yet, maybe you’ll change the life of one lucky dog.

We love Dachshunds

We love all dogs, but there is nothing quite like a dachshund.

From their roots as a hound, they have a distinct personality to sniff things out, and are quick to chase any moving objects. Bred to be miniature hunters and chase out badgers, prairie dogs, and other burrowing animals, they are useful, but also cute. They are rambunctious and full of life, but also easy to train and discipline. They are great listeners and can be taught an indefinite amount of tricks, and are a truly intelligent dog. Even in old age, dachshunds are sharp and quick to learn new tricks, and still full of energy. In groups they cannot resist the urge to play and will offer hours of entertainment for friends and family. We love all dogs, but there is a special place in our heart for Dachshunds.